Friday, October 29, 2004

Why "Stay the Course"?

Okay, so Osama is back. He's out there sending out more videos. Folks are quivering in their boots and thinking that we shouldn't make any changes to White House residency with all these scary people out there trying to get us.

Wait one minute. Think this through. Why is OBL still out there taunting us? C'mon, you know. Because GWB didn't follow through to get him. Osama ran and he did hide. So, OBL on video is yet another reason to oust Bush and bring in someone to shake things up.

If we really want to go out on a limb, why would OBL send out a video now when it could keep Bush in power? Maybe, just maybe OBL wants GWB to stay in power for another four years. Why not? Considering GWB's track record, OBL should want things to remain the same. Heck, if we go off and invade another country (Iran, N. Korea?), that would stretch our forces even further and make things even easier for OBL and other extremists to do as they wish.

Don't be scared. When you are in that voting booth, you can make a difference.

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